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Okay, new blog again.
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It's basically the same thing as here. Post pics of what I've ordered, what I'm wearing, what I want and so on. Follow, nerds.

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I just ordered this on clobbaonline in white, 'cause I need a shirt with some shirts. I need pants too, but it's lesser important. 

I need socks too, so I ordered these too:

In black. 

Today I went (lol, in my room) photographing myself, because I'm too sick to walk outside. Yeah, I know, but I'm apparently not sick enough to dress up, ahaha.

They're edited to the moon and back, but the lightning was so boring, so I had to pep it up a bit.
Shoes, pants and wig are offbrand (yes, of course it's a wig, lol. I wouldn't dye my hair for... a lot of things.)
Socks are from Refuse to be Usual.
Shirt, bow and hat is homemade.

Sailor Kodona
The last days I've been thinking about Kodonaxinsertstylehere, like Fairy Kodona or Sailor Kodona. Today I wanted to try Sailor Kodona, but I couldn't find my hat D:  Then I wanted to make another one quickly, but I couldn't find the fabric x__x So, what did I end up doing? I found a space on my wall, tore down a poster and found a great space for me to take pics of my outfits : D 

So, no photos. 

If you got an idea for a stylecollaboration, comment it : D

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 Today I had a small photoshoot. It's verrry simple.

Comment honey<3

Ok, let's start doing dis.
I'll try to post an outfit ebry day. TRY

Sweet Kodona
Almost finish with my sweet kodona-outfit! All I need is a wig, and it's ordered, and it'll arrive soon, I hope.

It's been pretty hard to find the right accessories, fabric, pants and so on. But overall, it's only been $35. That's for socks, rings and wig. My mother payed the pants, I got the shirt already, I made the major part of my accessories myself.


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